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Chemical Resistance

Chemical Adiprene Hypalon Hytrel


Nordel Vilon
Acetone C B B B A C
Acetylene - B A B A A
Acetic acid, 30% C A A A A C
Ammonium chloride solutions A A A A A A
Aluminium chloride solutions T A T A A A
ASTM oil: 1 A ( 158�F) A A (300�F) A C A (300�F)
Benezene C C B C C B (158�F)
Boric acid solutions A A(200�F) A A(158�F) A A
Butane A A A A B A
Butylacetate C C B C B C
Calcium chloride solutions A A A A A A
Carbon dioxide A A(200�F) A A T A
Carbon monoxide A A(200�F) A A T T
Chlorine gas, dry X B X B A A (212�F)
Chlorine gas, wet C B X C B A
Chloroform C C C C C A
Chlorosulfonic acid C C C C C C
Dioctyl phthalate C C A C B B
Ethyl acetate C C B C A C
Ethyl alcohol C A(200�F) A A(158�F) A A
Ehylene glycol B A (200�F) A A (158�F) A A (250�F)
Gasoline B B A B B-C A
Hydrochloric acid, 37% - C (200�F) - C (200�F) - B (230�F)
Hydrochloric acid, 75% C A X B C B (158�F)
Hydrogen A A A A A A
Hydrogen peroxide, 90% - - - - - C (270�F)
Kerosene B B T C C A ( 158�F)
Lubricating oils B B (158�F) A B (158�F) C A ( 158�F)
Mercury A A A A A A
Methyl ethyl ketone C C A C A C
Nitric acid, 70% - - - - - B (100�F)
Oleum 20-25% C B C C C A
Phenol - - - - - B (300�F)
Phosphoric acid, 60% A A (200�F) X A A A (212"F)
SAE : 10 oil A (158�F) C A C C A
Sea Water A A A A A A
Sodium hydroxide, 73% C A (280�F) X A A C
Sodium peroxide solutions C A (200�F) - A A A
Steam (See Water) C A B (212�F) A A(350�F) B (300�F)
Sulfuric acid 95% C A-B C C B A
Toluene C C B C C B (100�F)
Water A (122�F) A(158�F) A(158�F) A(158�F) A(158�F) A(158�F)
Xylene C C B C C A

    Rating Key :
    A - Fluid has little or no effect
    B - Fluid has minor to moderate effect
    C - Fluid has reverse effect
    T - No data - likely to be compatible
    X - No data - not likely to be compatible

    Unless otherwise noted, concentration of aqueous solutions are saturated. All ratings are at room     temperature unless specified.