Diaphragms, Electrical Control Valves, Pneumatic Control Valves, Pressure Regulators, Valve Positioner, Ball And Butterfly Valve, Mumbai, India

- O Rings, U Seals, V Seal, Lip Seal,    Wiper Seals

- Oil Seals

- Diaphragms

- Gasket

- Metal to Rubber Bonded Products
- Extruded Products
- Pharmaceutical Filtration Rubber Parts
- Electrical Push Button Switches   Rubber Parts
Types :-

Saunder Akay Valves, Electrical & Pneumatic Control Valves. Pressure regulators, Valve positioner, Ball & Butterfly Valve, Solenoid Valve with Brass, mild steel, Stainless steel stud & also reinforced with fabric, nylon, canvas, rayoncord, wiremess