>Extruded Product, Chords, Sleeves, Electrical Panel Boards, Conveyor System, Dyeing And Oven Packing, Mumbai, India

- O Rings, U Seals, V Seal, Lip Seal,    Wiper Seals

- Oil Seals

- Diaphragms

- Gasket
- Metal to Rubber Bonded Products
- Extruded Products
- Pharmaceutical Filtration Rubber Parts
- Electrical Push Button Switches   Rubber Parts

Extruded Products

Application :-

Chords, Sleeves, ( Coloured & Transparent ), Strips, Belt, Gaskets & Different profiles mainly used in electrical panel Boards, Computers & Tele-communication, Station Cover Gasket, Conveyor System, Dyeing & Oven Packing, Cement & Fertilizers plant, Automobile & Docks. Switchgear & Electrical fittings


Extruded Products